The project "Unified Space" is dedicated to the contemporary arts of Central Asia and its historic roots in the cultural heritage of the Silk-Road. This overland route not only served in the trade of exotic merchandize, but also in the exchange of ideas between Asia and Europe, in painting, sculpture, literature, music, architecture and science,
     As a resident of both worlds – Central Asia and Europe – it is my intent to revive the extensive artistic and cultural liaisons of past times, using modern means of communication clear through to new territories of information, but not excluding universal traditions and the techniques of old.
     After 70 years of Communism in our region and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, human rights are close to being guaranteed in the newly independent states of Central Asia, and most importantly along with that: artistic freedom!
     However, the ascent to light is difficult. The contrast of shadow and light always harbors the danger of delusion. Now art and philosophy are called upon to help our formerly oppressed peoples master their transition towards a new identity. If the growth of conscious awareness is nurtured, then the right solutions for the economical and ecological challenges will follow in their path.
    We artists of Central Asia seek, for the sake of our own identity, first the comparison and then an open dialogue with the West. For this purpose, Austrians, artists and others concerned with cultural advancement, helped in the creation of „Unified Space“, the international program of cultural exchange, which began in Kirgistan in 2000 and had its continuance in the Usbekistan Project 2003/4, and the Kasakhstan Projekt 2005/6 The Project Tadjikistan will follow in 2007/8.
    Artists of both countries live and work together. If, after weeks of collective work, the reflection of one becomes recognizable in the work of another, then communication has evolved.
     Just like from time to time on the Silk-Road.
Continues ... Mansurschon Kasakbaev
Founder & Curator "Unified Space"